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Need circuit design, board design and layout, system design, automation, or process control? Software for embedded systems? Hardware and software designs that are well documented, easily tested, manufactured and maintained, and completed on time within budget?

Please consider PZEF Company for those projects that must start immediately, need additional help to complete, or simply do not justify the hiring of a full-time permanent engineer. PZEF can offer a cost effective solution in each of these areas.

Schematic capture, board layout and simulation software packages are used to develop prototype as well as production ready designs. Hardware and software project management and scheduling are completely documented.

Demonstrated expertise includes embedded controllers and data acquisition applications. Hardware and software solutions for instrumentation and control have been provided to diverse industries from greenhouses to semiconductor manufacturing.

PZEF has delivered engineering and management at the IC, board, and system levels. We have provided design services and training at all sizes of companies.

Please contact PZEF with any of your electronics hardware or software requirements. Standard rates and project quotes are available on request.

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