System Design and Integration

Electronic design, consulting, prototype development.

Instrumentation and control. Data acquisition. Automation.
   Process control.

Experienced in all areas of electronics, ICs to systems.

Very experienced with start-ups and small companies.

EMI/RFI analysis and reduction techniques.

RF communications, analog and digital.



Microprocessor, microcontroller board/system design and
  prototype construction. Embedded controllers. DSP.

Microchip PIC programmable devices.

Raspberry Pi and HAT applications.

Digital design and sumulation. Analog design and simulation.

OPTO-22 control systems.



Raspberry Pi

FlashForth, FORTH, Assembly, C and Xojo (REALbasic).

OPTO-22 CYRANO/FACTORY FLOOR programming, training.


PCB Design and Layout

Digital, analog, mixed signal, high speed, low noise.

Through-hole, surface mount, mixed layout.

Quick turnaround prototypes.



Pete Zawasky
(252) 249-3393
(252) 670-6940 (cell)

Roberta Zawasky
(252) 249-3393
(252) 670-1236 (cell)



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